30-day Meditation student

Learn to meditate in a month of lunch breaks

Let’s spend 30 minutes a day for 30 days together, and I’ll help you build a meditation practice that works for YOU. There’s no out-of-the-box answer when it comes to these things, but I’ll guide you to build your own practice. 

This transformative experience starts again soon. 

Just think… by next month, you can be well on your way to already being calm, cool and collected. You’ll gain the skills you need to know what you need in your meditation practice, how to self-guide, how to skillfully use apps, and overall you’ll be celebrating your new self-care tool that you have complete control over.

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Are you feeling burnt out, fatigued, and out of energy? 

Are your typical tactics of taking an TikTok scroll break, sleeping in on the weekends, and catching up on sleep on vacations not working any more (or did they really never work? I explain why this may be the case and what to do.)

There’s actually different kinds of rest that we need based on what we’re doing with our energy. 

Join me here for a special 2-hour event where you’ll learn all about this, and even get some rest WHILE we’re together.

Rest is synergistic – once you get a bit, your body will want more and make adaptations and accommodations to get it. A little bit turns into a lot… but only when it’s the right kind.
I promise it’s easy – I’ve made it that way. 

1-1 Meditation Coaching

Learn where to start, or how to pick back up.

No more wondering if you’re ‘doing it right’.

No more wondering what ‘clearing the mind’ or ‘stop thinking’ actually means.

Immediately cut through stress.

Excel through Beginner stage and get a meditation practice that works for YOU.

We build your life-changing, life-enhancing practice together… one you’ll take with you everywhere and that will evolve with you forever. 

This is the gateway in.