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I am a Management Consultant by day, as well as a meditation coach. I show people that are living in the real-world how to build a meditation practice that fits INTO the world we’re living in, but lets you take a break when you need it, refuel in a healthy way, and give you tools to be the fullest version of yourself. I help people overcome the challenges they have with meditation (and sometimes that means breaking a whole lot of unnecessary rules). Who right now needs to be bound by even more things that don’t work for us? 

Find out how to get meditation working for you, so you can deal with stress head on (and not even realize you’re doing it), never again feel fatigued or burnt out, and own the mental clarity and physical health that you deserve. Start by downloading 3 free and easy breathing practices that are tailored in the style I lead – approachable, comfortable, and adaptable to any place you’re in and any time you’ve got. 

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"It's been 2 weeks and I love this. I don't even need the videos now... I just know what to do. I think my brain knows what to do. The hardest part was remembering to do it, and I'm getting better at taking a meditation break."
Alexis A.
"These 3 breathing practices were a great reminder, over and over again, that relief from the stress in our hectic world is only a few breaths away. These breathing practices are so easy and so powerful."
Dominique W.
HR Manager
I bookmarked the links on my phone. I use them all the time... at work, on the train... Anywhere to help get ready for the day, take a break from it or destress at night. So short, but so helpful!
Marco P.
Artist and Entrepreneur

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