Make Your Rest Count.

Overcome burnout and fatigue and
Get the rest you deserve.

Matt Prezioso

Hello, awesome human. Since you’re reading this, you’re in the perfect place.

I remember as a kid that I’d kick and scream when it came to nap time. Now, I’d pay money to be able to nap every day. As a young adult, I let unrealistic expectations cause me to de-prioritize rest. I had my ability to rest destroyed by continually trying to do more. I put my mental and physical well being in the back seat. I became overwhelmed, burnt out, and on massive adrenal fatigue, and let this become normal operating mode. It barely worked on the good days. But then, when anything stressful happened, I went in a state of massive overwhelm and I overreacted or completely shut down. Thankfully, I took back my ability to rest, and did so in a meaningful but also efficient way so that I could continue doing what I loved, but while I was well-rested, less stressed, and far from a state of burnout.

I’ve helped hundreds of people get to this spot too. I help people identify where they are putting their energy so that they can determine what type of rest they need.

But before we even start that, I help people get a form of rest that cuts through all types of fatigue and burnout.

Join me on this masterclass to experience some of this rest and learn how to integrate it into what you do so that you too can be less stressed and cut through the burnout you’re experiencing. It’s been a hard couple years, and you deserve to learn how to actually rest instead of simply surviving.