Learn to Meditate in a Month of Lunches​

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I see so many people struggle with getting started with meditation. They try to apply rigid rules and ideas that usually benefit only those who are on a monastic path. So I made this course, that breaks down barriers to meditation, and gives you tools to begin building a practice that works for YOU. In just part of your lunch break, you can ease into meditation over the course of one month.

​Why Learn How to Meditate?

Meditation has many benefits that have been studied by scientists for years. Meditation:

  • Helps reduce and better manage stress,
  • Assists with anxiety control,
  • Improves sleep,
  • Improves self-awareness,
  • Lengthens attention span,
  • Can help build kindness,
  • Can decrease blood pressure, and
  • May even support age-related memory loss.

​Who doesn’t want a little more of this in their lives right now? 

And, you can meditate almost anywhere, with no special equipment, no need to cross your legs, and no need to be completely still.

​Why learn Meditation, Now?

​Why not? Many of us are faced with added stresses right now of caring for children or elderly loved ones, and this places a huge emotional burden on everyone.
Or, many of us have found a bit of spare time, and maybe not because of an ideal situation.

What you’ll learn

Each weekday, you’ll receive an email with that day’s lesson and a mini-meditation.
Week 1: Introduction to meditation, and ways to enter into meditation
Week 2: Common myths of meditation, and how to build what’s right for you
Week 3: Stress management
Week 4: Building your sustaining practice
Bonus material during each weekend to keep going. Additional bonus material throughout the program.
Facebook Live videos on my Facebook Page – schedule announced at the start of the program.

Build a New Habit…

Different studies show that it takes about 21-30 days to build a new habit. You’ll have so much content here that if you stick with the majority of the program, you’ll come out on the other end with a new habit and the tools to support it.

…and ditch some old habits.
One positive of this traumatic situation we’re in right now is that it has given us a moment to pause, and really look inward. I’ve devoted my meditation practice over the last month to self-observation, focusing habits. One I’ve been watching closely was the habit of taking things for granted. Not having them (hugs from friends), or having something much less often really helps me appreciate them even more.

​This Program is PERFECT for you, if even ONE of these apply:

  • You are a first-time to meditator & want a great way to ease in, and build something sustainable.
  • You’ve encountered some roadblocks with meditation before.
  • You’re not interested in rules, not interested in crossing your legs, or mayb not even interested in sitting (seriously, this IS in the right list).
  • The only thing that comes to mind when you think of meditation is a peaceful person sitting perfectly still for way too long of a time in a position that you know would be totally uncomfortable for you.
  • You’re curious at heart, and interested in learning something new.
  • You’re up for investing $2 in yourself per day for only one month, that will last you a lifetime.
  • Bonus: You want to give this to one friend, family member or coworker to do this with you.

This Program is NOT for you if…

  • You’re looking for a one-size-fits-all quick fix. I’m giving you the tools to build the practice that’s right for YOU, but that means you’ve got some work to do.
  • You’re not You want me to do the work for you.
  • You’re looking for a Monastic path of meditation.
  • You’re not ready to change your freaking life.


Can I really learn to meditate online?

Absolutely! And I’m not just saying that because everything is moving online. Learn to Meditate in a Month of Lunches is an online professional meditation education program with pre-crafted content so that you can accomplish it anywhere and at any time. There are additional live interactions on Facebook live. My standards are extremely high, and I actually use the online platform to even more skillfully curate and reform the program behind the scenes, more-so than what may happen in the spur of the moment during an in-person session. I’ll guide you through every step, whether you’re interacting with our curated content, or our live events together.

How is this different from a meditation app?

Good point. What they’re missing though is the ability to ask questions, and understand why some things were happening, follow-up on a previous day’s lesson, and content support. With this program, you’ll get all of that and more.

Is this safe?

Meditation can be done by anyone, at any time. But we have to recognize that if there were one magic answer for everyone, we’d probably already know it. Meditation can stir stuff up. One of the first things we’ll learn is how to make choices in our meditation practice on what we want to be with, when we want to be with it, in what way, and for how long. Ultimately, you’ll have Choice in your meditation on what you want to work on. But, meditation is only one tool in the toolbox. Many others, like myself, complement meditation with movement, exercise, sleep, talking life out with close friends, and other professional therapies. All of those are equally important, and this program is focused on meditation so we won’t touch on the others. As your own best advocate, use this practice as a time to get to know yourself, and what tools you want supporting you. 

​How does the online learning part of this program work?

First, you’ll get an email each weekday (Monday through Friday) with a mini-lesson and meditation. There will be additional emails and links to other curiosity-sparking videos or short articles. And there will be some Facebook Live videos on my Facebook page (join here). 
You’ll also get access to my membership page where you’ll have access to all of the past day’s material so you can have everything in one spot once the month is over. Remember- you get access to the program material and any of its updates for an entire year.

What if I’m not tech savvy?

​As long as you have access to a smartphone or computer and can navigate your email inbox, you’ll be all set. It’s a low-tech program, and you’ll always have support if you need it. 

What if I miss a day?

​No problem! Even though most of the material builds on itself, having to miss a day is totally fine, and understandable. You can either skip that day and come back to it when you can, or pick up where you left off. The most important part is that you hopped back on the path you picked and are continuing along!

How long is the program?

​The program lasts for 30 days, with some bonus material at the end to support you in building up your practice. Each day will last about 10-20 minutes, with the lesson and meditation included. You’ll have access to Learn to Meditate in a Month of Lunches for a full year.

How much SHOULD I be meditating each day?

​​There’s no magic number, but I like to say that when starting out, ‘a little bit often is better than a lot occasionally”. Let yourself ease into it. And if a longer period works one day, and the next day you feel like doing less, then honor that. You can push your boundaries later, after you get to KNOW your boundaries. For years, I forced myself to sit on a cushion for 20-60 minutes, and didn’t really get where I wanted to go. Then I unlearned a lot of things that we’ll unlearn in this course, was given permission to build a practice that worked for me, and now I meditate for 1-5 minutes a bunch of random times throughout the day, 10-20 minutes a couple times a day, and more than 20 minutes at a time pretty irregularly.

​I have a strong religious or spiritual practice. Is meditation going to go against that?

Among all religions, Jewish, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism and others have householders and spiritual leaders that meditate. You have Choice when it comes to your meditation practice. Therefore, you have Choice to use meditation as a stand-alone aspect of your life that will not coincide with your amazing spiritual or religious practice, or as a way to enhance your own spiritual or religious practice. I actually think that in your practice, you’re already meditating, whether it’s been given that name or not, and this course will bring your awareness to those aspects, allowing you to enhance them as you wish. I encourage you to bring your religious and spiritual practices into this course and fully integrate them into your growing meditation practice.
And, if you have no spiritual or religious practice, meditation is still perfect for you and you’ll see the benefits.

What if I have questions?

Questions are great! I love those. Just ask! This is an at-home course that is designed with ultimate flexibility so you can do it anywhere, anytime, but it includes some real-time interactions so you can ask your questions, get help, and talk with Matt throughout the program. And you’ll always have access to email support.

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