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Next start date: May 4, 2020!

Meditate in a Month of Lunches is a month-long program that will help you ease into meditation. This program is perfect for anyone new to meditation, or everyone that feels stuck in their practice.

You’ll gain tools that you need to build your meditation practice in a way that works for YOU.

You’ll learn about different types of meditation.

You’ll learn about common myths about meditation, that tend to discourage and frustrate new meditators.

You’ll also learn how to overcome those myths, and build a sustainable meditation practice.

Each lesson is compact enough to complete during a typical lunch break, or at any time that you have 15-20 minutes during the day.

Each weekday, you’ll receive an email with that day’s lesson and a mini-meditation. You’ll also receive bonus material, including links for live meetings on Facebook Live.

Curriculum (each week has 5 lessons and meditations, plus bonus material):

Week 1: Introduction to meditation, and ways to enter into meditation

Week 2: Common myths of meditation, and how to build what’s right for you

Week 3: Stress management

Week 4: Building your sustaining practice

Bonus material during each weekend to keep going. Additional bonus material throughout the program.

Facebook Live videos on my Facebook Page announced at the start of the program.

After the month is complete, you’ll be invited to a membership page where all content will be stored in one place.

ADDED BONUS NOW: For a limited time, Invite one friend, family member or coworker to join you, for only $10.

This offer lasts only until May 1 at 10pm EDT, and there are a limited number of spots open. 

Note: If you choose the “Invite a Friend option, I will email you separately within 24 hours with instructions to include your meditation buddy!

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