Katie Brauer's Crew: Special offer

Hello! After posting these graphics and the text in your business IG or FB pages, and sending screenshots or a link to matt@mattprezioso.com, please use coupon code KATIEB when signing up to get $108 off your investment of Project:Rest. I cannot wait to work with you. 

As a thank you, I’ll be mentioning your name and your contact information during the program so folks can find you after the program. Some of my audience is into meditation, but they haven’t done much (or any) movement/yoga practices, coaching or ayurveda. I’m going to be suggesting that they do more of this as part of several types of rest they should get. This is our chance to get your name to the collective crowd.

Copy and paste this text into your post. Add any hashtags you’d like, or post in any way your crowd loves to see you:

Did you know that there are different kinds of rest, and attempting to get the wrong rest will put you on a hamster wheel, putting in the work and getting nowhere. Learn how to get the type of rest you need in this webinar. 

Sign up here. https://mattprezioso.com/product/projectrest/