get 7 nights of great sleep

hAs something changed with your sleep?

Or maybe it hasn’t been going well for a while.

Maybe you’re finding yourself leaning on things like supplements or OTC drugs* more often.

What if you could take some control back of your sleep, and each night know that falling asleep is going to be easier, and you’ll wake up with a better nights sleep behind you?


feeling better rested… 

having more energy…

falling asleep faster as your head hits the pillow…

staying asleep easier…

it's actually within your grasp.

The modern world is challenging us in ways we haven’t seen before- high levels of dopamine and cortisol at times that make us tired when we need to be awake, and keep us awake when we should be sleeping. Our thoughts race when we try to rest, and no matter how hard we try, we’re wide awake when we want to be sleeping, and that then leaves us exhausted during the day.

just one good night of sleep has a profound impact on your next day, and your next night.

Imagine having 7 nights of deeper sleep by doing nothing but tuning into a meditation that brings on calm and relaxation. No special courses, extra supplements, or weird nights with electrodes and wires.

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7 nights of deeper sleep for only $7.

This is your chance to set you on a better path of less stress and deeper sleep. Along with it comes three chances to meet with me live, where I’ll be talking about sleep and ways that we can take back control so you look forward to bed time, and waking up is just a little bit easier every morning.

* Hey crew. If you’re taking supplements or medication for sleep, please use the support of a medical professional to determine the right kind and dosage. If you’re looking to change or stop the use of any OTC or prescription medication, it should be done with the support of a medical professional who understands the neuropharmacology of the medications, and how to change and modify use for you safely. 

While I lead awesome meditations, I can’t claim to be a medical professional. 

If you want to make a shift or use multi-modal support, please work with your healthcare provider to make sure that the chemical component and schedule is right, and safe, for you. There are many amazing ways to support yourselves, and the use of medications should not carry stigma and should be coupled with medical professional support.